C – Luca Giordano – Laddie John Dill



by Marco Di Mauro



The two works that have been juxtaposed here both centre on a relationship of forces, in the form of intersecting triangles. In Giordano’s painting the construction of the scene is provided by various triangular sections, of which two in particular contain the whole scene: one begins on the far right and converges towards the centre while the other, starting from the bottom, also converges towards the centre of the painting. Almost centripetal forces that guide the eye, making it focus on a central point, of which top blurs into the background of the distant landscape. Everything is dominated by a diffused light which is the dominant feature of the work. Dill’s composition, analogously and almost identically, converges towards a central point in which the triangular elements in metal are superimposed and intersect in order to develop a luminous or luminescent effect which is the true strong point of the painting.