Viviana Rasulo

Viviana Rasulo


Viviana Rasulo is a photographer. She attends the Medicine faculty, pediatric specialization and studies Psychotherapy and Homeopaty: her artistic experience starts with research on anthropologic subject. Her first project is a multimedia art installation with dance, theatre and African music interactions and it has shown three times in Naples (Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore alla Pietra Santa, libreria Eva Luna, Galleria Akneos, Cinema America) and in Museo del Lupo nel Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo (2011/2013).

She improves her photographic techniques studying with Marco Monteriso, AFIP Photographer. Viviana realizes Photoproject 365, a project where she shows 365 photos of children, one photo for every day of the year, that she takes during her work as a pediatrician (Giardino dell’orco, Lago D’Averno – 2013). She enlarges her experience as a photoreporter by collaborating with Luca Bracali ( an important Italian photoreporter). With Bracali Viviana travels to Mongolia, Artic sea, and Birmania. This important experience gives life to Ai confine del mondo, a project about nomadism for humans and bears (Galleria Mediterranea, Napoli – 2014). Friendship and work relationship with Bracali continues on Bracali’s exhibition 2015 Anno della Luce (Castel dell’Ovo, Napoli – 2015), where Viviana is the curator.In February 2015 one of her pictures is chosen in the “Maleventum Contest” to be exposed in Museum ARCOS in Benevento. The same picture is chosen by the audience to be shown in the Banca Popolare del Mediterraneo (Naples)

At the end of the 2015 she takes part to “Premio Campi Flegrei” of Flegrea Photo’s Association (Antonio Biasucci was president of the jury) and she receives a special mention for her photos. In April 2015 she shows the exhibition “ VERSO EST” about her experience in Birmania, Laos, Cambogia on two religions Christianity and Buddhism (in the Church San Lorenzo Maggiore and in the Gallery “LIGHT TIME for one months, Napoli). In the project about “HUNTING WITH THE EAGLE” two pictures taken in Mongolia (2014) are published on web by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC in April 2016. In 2016 and 2017 she comes in contact with NY’s great photographers (such as Robert Herman, Richard Tuschman, and Sylvia Plachy) who have a great influence on her growth and photographic sensitivity.