Fabio Giampietro

Fabio Giampietro



Fabio Giampietro was born in 1974 in Milan, Italy, where he still lives and works.

Through his seminal painting technique of subtracting the color from the canvas, he realizes powerful and intense figurative paintings. Relevant exhibitions have been in London, Berlin, Bologna, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Milan, Shanghai and Toronto.
His innovative investigations of modern painting have made him one of the most sought after young Italian painters.

In Fabio Giampietro’s work the barriers of art come tumbling down and the propensity of continuity and simultaneity amongst the three spatial dimensions and time becomes tangible, though still imponderable to the viewer’s eyes. His work marks the liberation of painted forms from the classical framework, enhancing a process already well established in the course of Italian Modern and Contemporary Art. It started with the revolutionary theories of Futurism at the beginning of the XIX Century and continued with the velocity of Lucio Fontana’s gesture of cutting the canvas to explore the space behind and beyond it.

Giampietro’s investigations melt the tradition of painting with the most innovative technologies conjugating the planes of space and time and annihilating the contemplative distance between the senses of the spectator and the reality of the art work. The virtual dilatation of the painting invites the spectator to experience its reality within its newly exploded boundaries, calling on all the possible resources of psycho-sensorial experience. His main achievement lies in the fact that he shows that the painted work on canvas no longer has a central core, even though it exists and faces us. Rather, it presents a dissemination of observing points linked to the spectator’s physical movements inside the virtual coordinates of the space arranged for us by the creative mind of the artist. For this reason, every step inside Giampietro’s work also guides our voyage inside of the nightmares and the dreams of the artist’s mind, more vividly and presently than ever.

2020 EXODUS, Museo Ebraico di Bologna, a cura di Margherita Fontanesi

2019 We love you Cecilia, Villa Medici del Vascello, a cura di Anna Vergine e Gabriele Fallini
2019 SCRAPING THE SURFACE, Fabbrica Eos, Milano, a cura di Maria Vittoria Baravelli
2019 HUMAN PLACES, Spazio Testoni, Bologna, collettiva
2019 WONDERTIME, Palazzo delle Culture, Catania, collettiva2018 NEW PERSPECTIVE – GNAM – Roma, collettiva, a cura di Denis Curti

2018 THE CRANE. Fabbrica Eos, Milano, a cura di Maria Vittoria Baravelli
2018 THE LEAP, Galleria De Bonis, Reggio Emilia, a cura di Margherita Fontanesi
2018 COLLETTIVA NEW PERSPECTIVE -TRIENNALE – Roma, collettiva, a cura di Denis Curti
2018 CYFEST 11 – ST PETERSBURG, collettiva
2018 IL MILLENNIO E’ MAGGIORENNE – Museo MARCA Catanzaro, a cura di Luca Beatrice

2017 DIGITRA II – Hyperplanes, TRA, Treviso, a cura di Federica Patti
2017 Hyperplanes@TED talk, East End Studios, Milan
2017 DDW collective, Victoria&Albert Museum, London, a cura di Carla Rapeport
2017 Unlimited, collective, MoCA (MUseum of Contemporary Art), Shanghai
2017 Creative Technology Week, NYC
2017 Hyperplanes, Leeds Digital Festival, Leeds
2017 Hyperplanes & Interactive Arcade, Palazzo Bevilacqua Ariosti, Bologna a cura di Eli Sassoli de’ Bianchi e Olivia Spatola

2016 EVA, Collettiva, Berlino
2016 Adventures in Digital Art, collettiva, Londra
2016 Lumen Prize at Caerphilly Castle, Wales, collettiva
2016 Hyperplanes vince il Lumen Prize, Global Award for Digital Art, Londra
2016 Hyperplanes of Simultaneity, Personale, Palazzo Reale, Milano
2016 Cities they are a changing, collettiva, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano

2015 Welovesleep, collettiva, Galleria San Barnaba Duomo, Milano
2015 La Selva Oscura, collettiva, Correggio (RE)
2015 Ende Neu, collettiva, Neurotitan, Berlin

2014 Cities of the future, bipersonale, Canary District, Toronto
2014 Wonderwalls, collettiva, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano
2014 The Black Exihibition, collettiva, Barcellona
2014 Remake, collettiva, Spazio Testoni, Bologna
2014 Fabio Giampietro, personale, Finterbank, Lugano
2014 If, collettiva, Coup d’Etat, San Francisco

2013 Miart Gallery, collettiva, Miami
2013 Nero, collettiva, Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi, Milano
2013 Sogno o incubo di una metametropoli, personale, ifd Gallery, Milano
2013 Hidden, personale, Milano
2013 Costumer Designer Week, Pacific Design Center, Hollywood
2013 Orphic, collettiva, Los Angeles
2013 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul

2012 “Void of Earth”, personale, MondoArte Gallery, Milano
2012 “Picks II”, collettiva, Headquarters, Milano

2011 “Lo stato dell’arte nel 150° dell’Unità d’Italia”, 54 Biennale di Venezia, Torino
2011 “Magnetismi”, Giampietro/Troilo, bipersonale, Spazio Testoni, Bologna
2011 “Museo Verticale”, installazione permanente presso Sede Regione Lombardia
2011 “Picks”. Collettiva, Milano

2010 “Pensiero Fluido”, a cura di Alberto Mattia Martini, Spazio Oberdan, Milano.
2010 “Metromorfosi”, personale, a cura di Alberto Mattia Martini, Fabbrica Eos, Milano

2009 “Contemporary life”, IF Art Gallery, Marciana (Isola d’Elba)
2009 “Void of Earth”, personale, VD gallery, Milano

2008 “Masters of Brera”, collective, Shanghai
2008 “Metromorfosi”, personale, Anna Breda Arte Contemporanea, Padova
2008 “Miami Art Basel”, collettiva, Laure De Mazieres, Design district, Miami
2008 “Architetture Sensibili”, a cura di Linda Giusti, Castello di Rivara, Torino
2008 Bianco & Nero, Studio De’ Bonis, Reggio Emilia
2008 “Sottopelle”, personale, Galleria Contemporanea(mente), Parma

2006 Dreamland, personale a cura di Maurizio Sciaccaluga, Fabbrica Eos, Milano
2006 La Fenice et des artistes, Venezia

2005 La Fenice et des artistes, Venezia
2005 Wonder why: The wonder wheel, personale, Studio de Bonis, Reggio Emilia
2005 Wonder why, personale, Il Basilisco, Genova
2005 100 artisti per un museo, MAC, Casoria, Napoli

2004 Wonder why, Fabbrica Eos, Milano
2004 Slovenija Open ToArt, Lubiana


HYPERPLANES of SIMULTANEITY – Making of from Fabio Giampietro on Vimeo.