Event: Ambiguous reality

Ambiguous reality

Ambiguous reality

Exchange Show Los Angeles

Ellen Cantor Emilia Castioni Lello Esposito Jeff Iorillo Dino Izzo Veda B. Kaya Barbara Kolo Miguel Osuna Amedeo Sanzone Nicola Felice Torcoli Carla Viparelli Joan Wulf

LAAA, 825 La Cienega Blvd - Los angeles
From 21/01/2017 to 03/02/2017
Curator: Cynthia Penna

Additional Information
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Additional Information: Concept:
the single personal cultural experience go to form a body of works based on the division between reality and unreality in contemporary society.
The ambiguity of the vision split between bi-dimensional and tri-dimensional, annihilates the certainty of the vision.
The viewer who looks at the single art works is obliged to ask himself: what am I looking at?
The uncertain perception of the artwork, becomes an uncertain perception of the reality: world is made of a real reality or from my personal fantasy or from a reality that I am inventing to myself?
The sense or relativity of the vision leads to the sense of disorientation regarding the reality of the world.
Art as appearance, as ghost of reality, as unreality. But also the world around the viewer becomes something possibly unreal: the possibility of unreality becomes real because the same viewer with his own fantasy fills the art piece with his own dreams and creates a new art works detached from the one that he is looking at. Reality is the true one or the one I invented by myself?