Time at the Time of isolation

A collection of 93 art works, projects and writings by artists, curators and art historians to describe the perception of the flowing of time in this time of total isolation.

List of artists

Marco Abbamondi, Richard Aber, Nino Alfieri, Anat Ambar, Danilo Ambrosino, Lisa Bartleson, Fabrizio Bellanca, Kelly Berg, Yuri Boyko, Gary Brewer, Yrneh Brown, Lorraine Bubar, Rhea Carmi, Enrico Cazzaniga, Victoria Chapman, Mika Cho, Cristopher Cichocki, Mary Cinque, Max Coppeta, Alex Couwenberg, Joe Davidson, Claudia Desgranges, Marco Di Mauro, Laddie John Dill, Nicola Evangelisti, Ned Evans, Flavio Favelli, Peter Frank, Susan Friedman, Jeff Frost, Massimo Giacon, Fabio Giampietro, Edward Goldman, Liz Gordon, Giancarlo Graziani, Mark Steven Greenfield, Cynthia Greig, Shane Guffogg, Diane Holland, Brad Howe, Brian Ida, Jeff Iorillo, Dino Izzo, Stephen Robert Johns, Eric Johnson, Flora Kao, Juri Koll, Julia Krahn, Gary Lang, David Lloyd, Lello Lopez, Shana Mabari, Giulia Manfredi, Kaoru Mansour, Carlo Marcucci, Aline Mare, Luigia Martelloni, Haleh Mashian, Zach McLane, Claudia Meyer, Hertha Miessner, Syuta Mitomo, Daniela Morante, Andy Moses, Yasunari Nakagomi, Miguel Osuna, Gary Paller, Ruth Pastine, Pietro Pirelli, Annamaria Pugliese, Tobia Ravá, Joy Ray, Yoella Razili, Saul Robbins, Catherine Ruane, Alfonso Sacco, Claudio Santini, Amedeo Sanzone, Vittorio Schieroni, Ewa Slapa, Richard Slechta, Pilar Soberon, Atanasio Soldati, Mikelle Standbridge, Stephany Sydney, Lorraine Triolo, Raquel Vert, Carla Viparelli, Todd Williamson, Joan Wulf, Torie Zalben, Maria Grazia Zanmarchi


ISBN 9781714896929



Dear artists

Although our lives have had an abrupt and unexpected breaking, after the first moment of destabilization, the brain has resumed … to work!!!!

Let us fly with the wings of thoughts and elaborate visions that will accompany us in the future, we hope, only as historical testimony.

My interest in the theme of “Time” in Art has always been one of my fundamental trends. So much has been written and realized and has been said and repeated on “Time” by the artists over the centuries, but unfortunately no one has ever lived such an experience and at least the current living beings who did not participate in the WW2, had never reckoned with a totally “different” perception of Time.

Dilated time, Short time, Relative time, Fleeting time, Time that never passes. What is this new perception of Time that we are experiencing closed in our homes? a time for ourselves and a time of lack of relationships.

Physicality canceled and virtuality developed.

Illusion of contact, modified intimacy, unexpressed feelings if not in words and remotely.

I would like to get an answer from all of you about “Time in the Time of Isolation.”

It may be a sentence, a drawing, a video, a photo, a sculpture, the recording of your thought but which contains a testimony on the perception of Time that we are all experiencing now. We fully investigate this perception that has never happened before in our lives.

What else will we have left of this state of mind? I hope a freezing of an experience of History, witnessed by each of you, that we will leave to future generations.

Thank you for your kind collaboration

Cynthia Penna



TIME – Panel discussion – may 26, 2020