The Art Christmas market – second act

What better gift than art!!!

Marco Abbamondi e i gioielli d’arte di Alba Rosa Mancini Rhea Carmi Vanni Cuoghi Joe Davidson Salvatore Emblema Shane Guffogg Antonella Masetti Lucarella Jorunn Monrad Daniela Morante Yoella Razili Amedeo Sanzone Simon Toparovsky TTozoi Todd Williamson


Villa Di Donato, P.zza S. Eframo Vecchio, Napoli
On 16/12/2012
Curator: Cynthia Penna


In the manner of “Christmas markets” of Northern Europe, ART1307 opens the doors of Villa Di Donato for an exhibition of art works of great artists at affordable prices for Christmas gifts unusual and non-trivial.

A gift of “culture” that is not superficial and superfluous to remark, that even though art cannot be eaten, our spirit, however, is always hungry for it.


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Additional Information:

An “unusual” Sunday:
Enjoy some hours with culture:
a visit to an hidden Neapolitan treasure : villa di Donato , untouched from 1700 to current days:
a special exhibition of contemporary artworks by Californian artist Shane Guffogg;
A “ Christmas market” packed with small artworks of Italian and foreign artists at affordable prices to make unusual and “cultural” Christmas gifts.
Drinks and appetizers……..