Caterina Arciprete


Università Parthenope – Villa Doria d’Angri, Via F. Petrarca, 80 – Naples
From 16 to 30/06/2009
Curator: Cynthia Penna


Six plots to go deeper into our life and soul.
The research of Caterina Arciprete centres on certain elements which accompany us along the path of our whole life: they are symbols of our interiority and can be seen or experienced in different ways.
The approach of this exhibition goes beyond the outward appearance of the single symbol to explore the inner meaning of the symbol, what it can offer us. The winding forms seem to carry the glance along into an existential vortex which delves into our deepest interiority.
A search for secrets, the landscapes of our unconscious, hidden emotions that have never been revealed. A search for what, and where, is hidden beneath the surface, the “inside” of everything, forms that are anything but empty shells, that are full of undisclosed passion. Those are the themes of the entire exhibition.
Therefore, bodies, dwellings, eggs, shells and boxes: all of them are external forms that hold something hidden and undisclosed within: feelings, passions, voices, whispers.

People: silhouettes of people who move in a crowded city, anonymous people walking and living: they, too, are containers of feelings and hidden emotions, the perpetual ticking of a rhythm that is imperceptible from without.

Man/Woman: receptacles of an emotional exchange: love/hate: an invisible tangle of electricity.

The Egg: the origin of the life: the primordial nucleus of everything.

The Shell: container of sounds and voices : the voices of all those who have been unable to express themselves in their lives.

Home: the container of love and passion, but also the container of cruelty and rage.

An ever-present eye invites us to investigate, to discover, to explore our innermost feelings.
The symbol of the feathers flying all over the canvases indicate that only a thorough search in our soul can enable us to reach the lightness of a feather: the unsustainable lightness of our being.

(Translation by Jorunn Monrad)


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Opening: 16 June 2009 h. 7 pm

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