LA Artcore Los Angeles

2 artists of ART1307 in Los Angeles

Yasunari Nakagomi


LA Artcore Gallery at The Brewery Annex, 650A South Avenue 21 – Los Angeles CA 90031
From 05 to 29/09/2013
Curator: Lydia Takeshita
Press: ART1307, llc


Cultural Exchange between Los Angeles and Hong Kong with Italian artists.
From an idea and a concept of Carolina Lio, Italian curator, Danilo Giannoni and Ttozoi will be the protagonists of two solo shows in other Countries and before public very different and very far away from their Country of origin. ART1307 is proud to present Giannoni solo show in Los Angeles at LA Artcore cultural Institution (one of the oldest art institution of the territory) while Ttozoi will be hosted in Hong Kong at the beginnings of December for their solo show at ARTONE Gallery .
The exhibitions are devoted to develop the knowledge of different cultures in different Countries through the direct contact between the artists and the public, and in the mean time to let the public to learn about styles, materials, concepts and philosophies of other Countries.


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Opening: Sunday September 8, 2013 – 1 – 3 pm

Additional Information:
Conversation with the Artists: 2pm- September 8