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Peter Lodato



Peter Lodato is an American Postwar & Contemporary painter who was born in 1946. Numerous key galleries and museums such as Modernism have featured Peter Lodato’s work in the past.Peter Lodato’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from 188 USD to 9,375 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 2007 the record price for this artist at auction is 9,375 USD for Yellow Vessel, sold at Bonhams Los Angeles in 2016. Peter Lodato has been featured in articles for ARTFIXdaily and LA Weekly. The most recent article is The Mullin Automotive Museum Celebrates California Artists written for ARTFIXdaily in May 2016.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017  Peter Lodato ,William Turner Gallery ,Santa Monica, California, USA

2009  Peter Lodato – “Nineties ‘til Now” ,Zane Bennett Contemporary Art ,Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

2012  ART1307 “Edge of Light”, Villa di Donato, Naples, Italy

2009  Zane Bennet, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2008  William Turner Gallery, Santa Monica, California

2007  Castello / Childs, Phoenix, Arizona

2005  Berman / Turner Projects, Santa Monica, California

2003  Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach, California

Bakersfield Museum, Bakersfield, California

“Peter Lodato” Modernism, San Francisco, California

“Selected works, 1980 – 2000” Weisman Museum, Pepperdine University,     Malibu, California

William Turner Gallery, Venice, California

Handsel Gallery, Santa Fe, Mexico

Manné Gallery, Santa Barbara, California

Special Projects – Installation Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Silver Tower” Public Art Project Brunswig Square, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California

1990  “Wrathful Means Project No. 2” Sharon Truax Fine Art, Venice, California

Painting, Drawing & Sculpture Hunsaker-Schlesinger Gallery, Los Angeles, California

“La Porta” Krygier/Landau Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California

“Angeline” Burnett Miller Gallery, Los Angeles, California

“La Lune Noire” Hunsaker-Schlesinger Gallery, Los Angeles, California

“La Mer” La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, California


Selected Group Exhibitions

2021  LA Abstraction: 1980-2000 ,Modernism ,San Francisco, California, USA

CrossCurrents ,William Turner Gallery ,Santa Monica, California, USA

2020  ONLINE: All Together Now ,William Turner Gallery ,Santa Monica, California, USA

Shingo Francis & Peter Lodato: Light – Space ,William Turner Gallery ,Santa Monica, California, USA

2014  Group Exhibition: Shape Shift ,William Turner Gallery ,Santa Monica, California, USA

2013  Essential ,California Museum Of Photography, UCR ,Riverside, California, USA

Texts of Critics

Apparenti geometrie di Cynthia Penna
pubblicato su Testo in mostra: “Apparenti geometrie”

Eight to Eighty di Emanuele Leone Emblema
pubblicato su Testo in catalogo

Edge of light di Robin Trento
pubblicato su Testo in catalogo: “Edge of light”

Crossing light and space di Cynthia Penna
pubblicato su Testo critico in catalogo: ‘Edge of light’

Io sono la Porta di Emanuele Leone Emblema
pubblicato su Testo critico in catalogo: “Edge of light”


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