Step Scultura

6. Edition

Max Coppeta Eric Johnson


Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 4
From 13 to 15/11/2015
Curator: Cynthia Penna
Press: Step Art Fair and Chiara Reale per ART1307


Two artists, two worlds, two generations talking about the topic of Sculpture. Innovative materials such as resin, aluminum and glass make up works with a new conception of sculpture.
Eric Johnson, from Los Angeles, born in 1949, is part of the second generation of artists belonging to the artistic Californian movement “Light and Space” founded in the 60s of last century by a group of pioneers who began to try their hands at using innovative (at the time) polymers and resins.
His sculptures, which seem to climb and fly in space and on the wall, emerge from a elaborate process of overlapping layers of transparent and colored resins that are injected in formworks, especially designed by the artist. The realization of the works is carried out by hand and requires continuous monitoring and expertise in handling the resins. The ultimate polishing is made by hand as well, and requires 500 different thickness sandpaper rubs.
Max Coppeta: generation of the ’80ies ; he jumped into the art process through scenography first and video animation; later he directed his research and talent toward sculpture and particularly the one wandering in a brand new kineticism that uses materials such as glass, plastic and resins in order to lead the vision towards distortion and/or alignment. The aluminum alloy, glass and resin sculptures attract the viewer and engage with him a perverse game of vision from which it is difficult to part.
The fruition of the works of both artists, played on the duality between color/no color, movement and stillness, is permeated by an emotional aspect of substantial extent, and gives to sculpture as a practice, a new value, situated somewhere in between play, vision and emotion.



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