odd Williamson at PAN – Naples


PAN – Palazzo della Arti, Via dei Mille 60, Napoli
On 17/04/2012
Curator: Cynthia Penna
Press: ART1307



Todd Williamson in Naples for ART1307

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Opening: April 17th 2012
Additional Information:

With the Patronage of Consulate of United States of America, the american artist Todd Williamson comes back to Napoli for one month “residency” organized by cultural association ART1307.
The Californian artist belogs to a new generation of West Coast painters who are inspired by the great lesson of Light and Space movement of the ’60ies.
He is inspired by the art of Rothko, but interprets it with a personal touch including horizontal lines all over the canvas to give “order” to thepainting. Suddenly the order is interrupted by strokes of light which hide “presences” coming out from the background.
The artist will work for a month in Napoli and will produce works inspired and dedicated to the city.
A lecture and a one day show will take place on Tuesday, April 17th from 11AM to 5PM at PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli.