TTozoi at IIC Los Angeles



Istituto Italiano di Cultura Los Angeles, Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles 90024 CA
From 06 to 13/09/2012
Curator: Alberto Di Mauro e Cynthia Penna
UPress: ART1307 – Valeria Valerio


The Italian artists TTozoi have been invited to a double solo show in Los Angeles next summer and specifically in September.

ART1307 Cultural Institution and Gallery, based in Italy and Los Angeles, who represents TTozoi in USA, will introduce the artists to the American public through two important events:

The first exhibition will start on September 2 at LA Artcore, one of the oldest art Institution in town, and will go on until September 14 at the Brewery Downtown LA. More than 20 works will be on display medium/ large size with 3 tryptics of huge proportion. The reception will be taken on September 9 from 1PM to 5PM.

The second exhibition will be held on September 6 at Italian Institute of Culture in Westwood from 6 to 9PM and will be articulated as a show, a conference and a video projected during the lecture to present the catalog produced in Italy by Galleria Immaginaria of Florence.

TTozoi has become famous in Europe in few years of work for their innovative creation of paintings containing and formed by molds on canvas. Inspired by the abstract expressionism of Gutai group and American great masters of expressionism, the artists have created paintings through a growth of molds and fungi on canvas by spreading organic materials on it and waiting for the course of Nature to produce molds.

Much to see and to be inspired by.



TTOZOI at IIC of Los Angeles

In occasione della mostra personale presso la LA Artcore – Brewery Annex con l’organizzazione di ART1307 si e’ organizzata una mostra di alcune opere degli artisti , una conferenza sul tema della propria arte e della tecnica unica nel mondo dell’arte, la presentazione del catalogo e la proiezione di un video esemplificatore della propria arte.

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Opening: September 6 , 2012 6,30 pm