Visit of USA Consulate of Naples with ART1307 to CCAM of Casoria

Celebration of Casoria CCAM acquisition of american artist’s works – lecture of

Marco Casentini Gary Paller


CCAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Via Duca D’Aosta 63/A 80026 Casoria/Napoli
On 10/11/2011
Press: Valeria Valerio


Additional Information

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Additional Information:
In occasion of the first offiacial visit to Casoria CAM Museum of the Consul General of USA, the museum will celebrate the acquisition of the works by the american artists Steve Burtch, Joe Davidson, Garry Paller e Todd Williamson, represented by ART1307.

During the event our artist Marco Casentini and Gary Paller will take a lecture to the Cardito art School students about their ongoing exhibition: “Metamorphosis of Geometries”.