Founded in Naples in 2007, ART1307 is a cultural institution whose mission is to promote the visual arts on an international level.

It is a matter of an essentially cultural purpose, and within this context the association has strived to establish international exchanges with other cultural institutions abroad in order to offer artists and the public a much vaster and more varied scenario of contemporary art.

The artists who have been invited to exhibit with ART1307 have not been chosen so much, or not only, on the basis of whether they have already gained international recognition, but first and foremost on that of the quality and talent manifested by their works.

The association has chosen artists of all age groups, even if special attention has been dedicated to young emergent ones, but the most important aim has been to give the public an opportunity to experience the new creative expressions of contemporary art and the great variety of materials with which many artists choose to measure swords.
ART1307 is a sort of “place” of research,
In this context conferences and meetings with the artist have been organized on a regular basis, also at schools. Many such initiatives have been held at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples and at the Art Institute of Benevento (Campania).

The association’s exhibition venue in Naples is a spectacular villa from the 18th century: Villa di Donato, an ancient hunting lodge used in the past by the Bourbons, which once lied inside the vast forest of Capodimonte. Exhibitions have held in many other venues over the years, not only in Italy but above all abroad, in France and above all in Los Angeles, California, where the association set up a “branch” in 2011, whose main purpose is to promote Italian artists on the other side of the Atlantic.

Over the years ART1307 has established relations with American cultural institutions as LA Artcore, LAAA and the public library of West Hollywood in Los Angeles; with the Italian Institute of Culture in Los Angeles. In France it is a close associate of the Ambassade du Tourisme and the Municipality of Saint-Tropez, the Maison des Arts in Carces and the Festival des Alpilles in Provence, of which it has become an official partner. In Italy it collaborates with the Superintendency of Cultural Heritages of Naples, the PAN Palace of the Arts of Naples the Pio Monte della Misericoria, and the Amy-d Association of Milan.

In 2012 an artists’ residence was created in Naples, where foreign artists may live for a period of at least one month, producing works of art inspired by the city and dedicated to it. Since it was opened three Californian artists, Todd Williamson, Lisa Bartleson, Laddie John Dill, Miguel Osuna and Kelly Berg and a Japanese artists, Yasunari Nakagomi, have followed one another.

The association has participated in a series of international art fairs with the purpose of making Italian art known to an as vast public as possible. The chosen fairs have been located in Milan, Paris, Los Angeles and Houston (Texas).

In 9 years of activity we have shown our artists in no less than 18 different places in the world, because we are motivated by a single credo: Art is the only remedy and the only salvation for a world where living is worthwhile;

it is possible to live on art, but one certainly cannot live without it!