Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson




1984 AA Wallace College, Hanceville (AL)

1988 BA Belmont University, Nashville (TN)

1996 Cal State LA (Graduate Studies) L.A. (CA)

UCLA (other) L.A. (CA)


Select Solo Exhibitions:

2023 Stadtisches City Museum, Light Color Form, Deggendorf Germany

Queens Kuntsgalerien, The Power of Passion, Emmendingen Germany

Sight Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany

2022 Bege Gallery, Abstract Realities, Ulm Germany

Schloss Hohenstein Museum, Schloss Hohenstein Castle, Coburg Germany

Queens Gallery, Zurich Switzerland

Imago Gallery, The Deeper the Blue, Palm Desert CA

2021 Georges Berges Gallery, The Only Way Out is Through, NY NY

Laurel Hills Art Salon, The Sun is the Same –w Raymond Pettibon/Shane Guffogg, J Davidson,, C. Craemer,                 LA CA

ArtEmerge Gallery, Unbroken: Cross Currents & Contemporary Time- w Justin Garcia, LA CA

2020 Wonzimer Gallery, The Edge of Order’ Deterministic Chaos, LA CA

George Berges Gallery NY, Stillness, NY NY

Art Karlsruhe Bege Gallery, “Armin Göhringer Thomas Röthel Todd Williamson” Karlsruhe Germany

2019 58th Venice Biennale, Processional, Venice Italy

*presented by the MAK Center and the Pollock Krasner Foundation

Museum of Art & Cars, California Dreamin’ an uncertain paradise, Singen Germany

Bege Gallery,  Inside the Lines, Ulm Germany

Art Gallery Wiesbaden, Lines w/ Laddie John Dill, Wiesbaden Germany

2018 SOHO House LA, Slow Burn, LA CA

Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Frequency of Color, Houston TX

2017 Art Gallery Wiesbaden, Sound & Color,  Germany

Galerie Stenzel, The Sound of Painting, Munich Germany

2016 2316 Santa Monica, Salon: a gathering of people, Santa Monica CA

ArtEmerge.Org, The Disillusionment of Truth, LA CA

Nicole Longnecker Gallery, The Darker the Blue, Houston TX

2015 Pio Monte della Misericordia, Contemporary Response to Caravaggio, Naples Italy

Art 1307, Villa di Donato, Polifonia di un Paesaggio, Naples Italy

Premium Modern Art, Sounds of Light, Stuttgart Germany

Rymer Gallery, No Rhyme or Reason,  TN

Fellini Gallery, Todd Williamson, Berlin Germany

2014 Kevin Barry Fine Art,  Laddie John Dill & Todd Williamson, Santa Monica CA

Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Inside the Lines, Houston TX

2013 George Billis Gallery, UnPolarized Light, LA CA

Wade Wilson Art,  Illusion of the Precise w/Robert Ryman, Houston TX

2012 P.A.N. Museum, Todd Williamson a PAN!, Naples Italy

2011 George Billis Gallery, Thoughts from a Mind Like Mine, LA CA

  1. Hollywood Public Art, A Convergence of Souls, Hollywood CA

Barbara Davis Gallery, 2 Solo Exhibitions, Houston TX

2009 George Billis Gallery, Todd Williamson, NYC NY

Belmont University, Blurring the Lines, Nashville TN

Ippodo Gallery, Todd Williamson, Tokyo Japan

2008 Asst.cult. Arte Giapponese, Trauma di Luce, Milan Italy

LA Contemporary, Beyond the Line,  LA CA

Irvine Fine Arts Center, Todd Williamson, Irvine, CA

Villa di Donato, Orizzonti , Naples Italy

2006 Gallery Gora  Todd Williamson, Montreal Canada

O’Melveny Gallery,  Db MINOR, LA CA

2002 Les Migreteurs, Todd Williamson,  France


Select Group Exhibitions:

2022 Herculanenese Museum Reggia di Portici, INSPIRATIONAL: Influence of A Place, Art 1307/

American Embassy Portici, Italy

MAVV Museum of Art & Wine, Wine & Art, Portici Italy

2021 Susquehanna Art Museum, Circle of Truth- cur. Shane Guffogg & Laura Hepke, Harrisburg PA

2020 MFA Circle Gallery,  Strokes of Genius 2020,  Annapolis MA

Cica Museum,  Color,   Gimpo South Korea

Museo Villa Seiz,   3 Artists,    Gmünd Germany (postponed covid)

2019 Lancaster Museum of Art, Circle of Truth   Lancaster CA

2018 New Museum Los Gatos. Circle of Truth.  Los Gatos CA

Echterdingen Civic Hall.  66 Prints by 66 Artists in 66 Years.  Stuttgart Germany

2017 Ex-Lucchese Factory. Re-Creazioni” cur. Marco di Mauro. Prato Italy

Village West Gallery. The Four Seasons. Jersey City NJ

2016 ARTPRIZE. Painting in Place. Grand Rapids MI

2015 Curators Voice Art Projects. Premium” cur. Dr. Milagros Bello. Miami FL

Ivy Brown Gallery. Restless Edge. NYC, NY

Art Hub. Italian Soul”   *guest artist   Abu Dhabi UAE

2014 Nashville Int. Airport. The Destination”-public art installation   Nashville TN

2013 Art Cube. Enchanted Afterlife. Laguna CA

Fuxin Gallery. Transitives. Miami FL

See. Me Gallery. The Story of the Creative. Long Island City NY

Pi II Gallery. Sweet Darkness w/cellist Helen Money. LA CA

Wade Wilson Art.  Illusion of the Precise w/Robert Ryman. Houston TX

2012 Guitartown Sunset Strip   British Invasion. West Hollywood CA

Rottet Studios. the art swagger   LA CA

Fellini Gallery. Angelenos. Berlin Germany

Wade Wilson Art   Gallery Artists. Santa Fe NM

S Cube Gallery. On the Edge, Statements in B&W.  Laguna CA

2011 Villa Bruno. Sulle trace di Luca Giordano. San Giorgio Italy

Barbara Davis Gallery   Plentitude. Houston TX

Visual Arts Center NJ. 25th Silver Anniversary Exhibition. Summit, NJ

*curated by Joan Young

2010 Barbara Davis Gallery. Elevated (w/Ed Ruscha, Chuck Close). LA CA

Villa di Donato. The White Age. Milan/Naples Italy

2009 Fellini Gallery. Visionaire w Ed Moses.  Shanghai China

MOCA Museum.  Fresh Auction    LA CA

Art 1307   Proposte per una Collezione. Naples Italy

2008 MAUI Museum. Biennale delle Arti dell’Unita’ d’Italia   Caserta Italy

Zimmer Children’s Museum  The Art of Vision. LA CA

High Energy Constructs  Chain Letter”cur. by Doug Harvey. LA CA

2007 Songzhuang Art Festival   American Contemporary Art Exhibition. Beijing China

Micro Museum. Spectrum  *curators choice award. NY  NY

2006 Klapper Gallery. Leaving The Known.  LA CA

Andrew Shire Gallery. LA CA

2003 O’Melveny Gallery.  Launch Pad    LA CA

Testi critici

Polifonia di un paesaggio di Cynthia Penna
pubblicato su Catalogo della Mostra ‘ Polifonia di un paesaggio ‘

pubblicato su Catalogo della Mostra ‘ Polifonia di un paesaggio ‘

Elementi della poetica artistica di Todd Williamson di Cynthia Penna

Le roventi linee di Todd Williamson di Marco Di Mauro
pubblicato su Catalogo della mostra: ‘Trame di luce’

Trame di luce di Cynthia Penna
pubblicato su Catalogo della mostra: ‘Trame di luce’

Orizzonti di Cynthia Penna


”Outstretched Arms”

Artist TODD WILLIAMSON (Los Angeles)
Music by Greg Walter (Univ. North Carolina, School of the Performing Arts
Belmont University, Nashville Tn January 28, 2009

Songzhuang Art Festival film clip

Songzhuang Art Festival, Beijing China November 2007
10 American artists invited to show work at the festival.
“The History Lesson” is a piece about the culture and history of China. Capitalism and its effects on their society.

No Gays or Women Video clip

Art piece about the state of our beliefs, religions, and the effect they have on society.
Don O’Melveny Gallery 2006
Artist Todd Williamson
Los Angeles California

Don O’Melveny Gallery Db Minor 1 2006 performance clip

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