Legacy: una storia di amore e di eredità culturale

67 Contemporary Artists


Art Hotel Gran Paradiso – Sorrento
from April 15 to November 15 2024
Curator: Gabriella Esposito
Press Office: ART1307 NAPOLI – 08118336574 – info@art1307.com


From one collector to … another:
the Art Hotel Gran Paradiso’s collection in Sorrento
Is hosting for the entire 2024 season
the Penna’s collection
Curated by Gabriella Esposito
ARTISTS:Marco Abbamondi, Lisa Bartleson, Kelly Berg, Yuri Boyko, Gary Brewer, Casper Brindle, Jeff Burke, Ellen Cantor, Rhea Carmi, Stefano Ciannella, Mary Cinque, Max Coppeta, Alex Couwenberg, Joe Davidson, Laddie John Dill, Nicola Evangelisti, Ned Evans, Justin Garcia, Mark Steven Greenfield, Cynthia Greig, Shane Guffogg, Brad Howe, Dino Izzo, Stephen Robert Johns, Eric Johnson, Julia Kran, Linda Kunik, David Lloyd, Peter Lodato, Albarosa Mancini, Giulia Manfredi, Carlo Marcucci, Aline Mare, Luigia Martelloni, Antonella Masetti, Claudia Meyer, Hertha Miessner, Syuta Mitomo, Jorunn Monrad, Daniela Morante, Andy Moses, Yasunari Nakagomi, Fujio Nishida, Miguel Osuna, Alex Pinna, Pietro Pirelli, Laurie Raskin, Viviana Rasulo, Yoella Razili, Luisa Russo, Alfonso Sacco, Claudio Santini, Amedeo Sanzone, Dado Schapira, Craig Barker Skibbs, Richard Slechta, Pilar Soberón, Ariel Soule’, Philippe Soussan, Jane Szabo, Simon Toparovsky, Nicola Torcoli, Ttozoi, Carla Viparelli, Todd Williamson, Joan Wulf, Maria Grazia Zanmarchi.
A story of friendship, appreciation and passion for art.
Mario Colonna, owner of the Art Hotel Gran Paradiso in Sorrento, is known for his visionary ability to create many years ago a hotel dedicated entirely to contemporary art and to the artists who shared this adventure with him.
The pleasure of sharing and a deep friendship, prompted him this year to dedicate to Cynthia and Renato Penna, collectors of contemporary art, the exhibition of a small part of their collection that will be set up in the hotel rooms throughout the 2024 season.
Hotel guests will have the opportunity to enjoy paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs that will brighten their stay with that extra touch of thinking that doesn’t disturb even on vacation.
On display there will be works by some 65 international artists who have accompanied the Pennas on a 20-year journey of love for art and commitment through the activities of their cultural institution named ART1307, which has seen works of great conceptual depth displayed in many museums and galleries and in the pages of many catalogs.
The artist residency on the hill of Posillipo has inspired since 2012 many artists who from various countries have come to “breathe” culture, colors, and the landscape of this city in a constant interchange with local artists that has created bridges, connections and friendships resolving in a moment of individual growth.
Legacy is thus configured as a joyful and multifaceted artistic itinerary consisting not only of works but above all of gazes, experiences and representations. The collecting desire of Mario Colonna and Cynthia and Renato Penna, meets in the deep love for art here understood as a privileged way to meet otherness and, in a constant cross-reference between inside and outside, also ourselves.




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